Creating your IEEE SA OPEN Single Sign On

To sign in for the first time:

  • If you are an IEEE member, log in to your IEEE account and then visit and use your existing IEEE credentials to log in.
  • If you are not an IEEE member, create a free account by visiting the Create an IEEE Account page. Fill in the appropriate information (making sure to preserve these credentials for later use). When you have succeeded in creating an IEEE account, you will be returned to the main IEEE page.
  • Return to the IEEE main page indicates that your account has been created. You will need to return to and use your new login. You will now be able to access the IEEE SA OPEN site shown below.
create ieee sa open single sign on 1

Click in the inbox (highlighted in green in the above image) and you will be sent to the sign-in page (shown below). Use your IEEE login information to sign in.

create ieee sa open single sign on 2

The first time you log in, you will be asked to agree to the IEEE SA OPEN Terms of Use. Please scroll to the bottom of this page and click the green Accept terms button.

create ieee sa open single sign on 3

After you log in, you will be taken to the main page of IEEE SA OPEN. It runs on the popular GitLab CE platform. These same credentials will also allow you to log in the IEEE Mattermost chat server.

How to Sign a Contributor License Agreement

When you sign on to the IEEE SA OPEN platform, you are joining a community of contributors. To make sure that your contributions to our community are licensed appropriately, please sign a Contributor License Agreement. Our community shares our work through the Apache 2.0 license

If you need to sign a different license for a specific project, choose the Contributor License Agreement(CLA) that corresponds with the license for the project you are working on. (As of July of 2021, IEEE SA OPEN supports the following licenses: BSD 3-Clause, Apache 2.0, or CERN OHL 2.0.)


There are three versions of each Contributing License Agreement. Please choose the one that is appropriate to your situation. If you are signing on behalf of a company, please complete the entity CLA. If you are contributing as an individual, please choose the individual CLA. If you are adding something to the public domain as a representative of a government, please complete the option with the public domain declaration.


The first page of the CLA document provides instructions for how to choose a CLA document, how to fill it out, and how to submit it. Please email the signed CLA to

Once the CLA is signed and the submission process is completed, a CLA number will be provided to the representative or individual that submitted it.

Notifications In Gitlab

Setting up Notifications

Notifications allow you to stay informed about what's happening in GitLab. With notifications enabled, you can receive updates about activity in projects and groups. Notifications are sent via email.

Global notification settings

Your Global notification settings are the default settings unless you select different values for a project or a group.

gitlab notifications 1

Notification email
This is the email address your notifications will be sent to.

Global notification level
This is the default notification level which applies to all your notifications. Initially, this is set to the [Participate] option.

Notification scope

You can tune the scope of your notifications by selecting different notification levels for each project and group.

Notification scope is applied in order of precedence (highest to lowest):

For each project, you can select a notification level. Your project setting overrides the group and global settings.

For each group, you can select a notification level. Your group setting overrides your default setting.

Global (default)
Your global, or default, notification level applies if you have not selected a notification level for the project or group in which the activity occurred.

Project and Group Notifications

As noted above, you can select a notification level and email address for each project or group.

To select a notification level for a project or group, use either of these methods:

  • Click on your profile picture and select Settings.
  • Click Notifications (highlighted green in the picture below) in the left sidebar.
  • Locate a group or subgroup in the Groups section of the Notifications page to change its setting. A project may be found in the Projects section below the Groups section. If you would like to specify notification levels for individual projects in one group, you will need to visit that project's page and change the level there.
  • Select the desired notification level.
  • For groups only, you can also select an email address from the dropdown menu beside the notification level . This could be useful if you would like to separate email about different groups. This option is not available at the project level. Email addresses can be added to your account by clicking on the Emails option (highlighted pink in the picture below) and following the instructions there.
gitlab notifications 2


  • Alternately, you may change your notification settings by navigating to the group's or project's page.
  • Click the notification dropdown, marked with a bell icon (highlighted in green below).
  • Select the desired notification level.
gitlab notifications 3

Notification Level Descriptions

For each group (or project) you can select one of the following levels:

gitlab notifications 4

Standard Notification Events

All users will be notified of the following events:

gitlab notifications 4

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