Contributor License Agreement

In order to participate in IEEE SA OPEN projects you must agree to a contributor license agreement, which outlines the terms in which your intellectual property is contributed to IEEE SA OPEN projects. IEEE SA OPEN currently has three CLA options:

The IEEE SA OPEN’s Contributor License Agreement Community is where we discuss changes and you can request additional CLAs. For additional questions, see the IEEE SA OPEN CLA FAQ.

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Code of Conduct

By using IEEE SA OPEN you agree to the Code of Conduct.

Ethics Reporting Line

Reports of violations, or concerns regarding potential violations, of IEEE Policies or the IEEE Code of Conduct can be filed anonymously through IEEE Ethics Reporting Line at +1 888 359 6323 or by submitting an online report. To learn more, click here to access IEEE Ethics Reporting Line FAQ.

Terms of Use

To use the IEEE SA OPEN templates, you must complete the IEEE SA OPEN Toolkit Agreement

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